#30in30 Day 7: The Return Of The Weekly Fitness Log


After a brief hiatus, the weekly fitness journal is back! A lot has happened since I last posted over here, so let me bring you up to speed. I’m in the last week of completing Tom Venuto’s Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle Summer Fitness challenge. I haven’t made the bodily changes that would warrant […]

#BeTheBetter Fitness Log: Entry 2

  Yesterday was a good day! I hit the gym early to do some elliptical work, then later on in the day to work on legs. I finished up with 5 minutes on the row machine. I wanted to do a solid 15 but my body told me otherwise. The row machine is an awesome workout, […]

#BeTheBetter Fitness Log: Entry 1

Streetztalk Back!! (where have you heard that one before) Once again my real life commitments have me tied up, and posting here has been erratic. I have some exclusive posts to share with you guys, but I’ll need time to write them. I wanted a consistent reason to write on here, without having to worry […]

Day 49 and Week 7 of my BFFM Challenge.


What’s up everyone, I used to do weekly workout results here, but I stopped because I’m actually ina  contest for Tom Venuto’s BFFM Inner Circle. Its a 14 week body transformatioin contest with hella prizes. I do a write up there as part of my results and figured I should share it with you! I’ll […]

Streetztalk Back!! The Weekly Progress Report 6/16

What’s good everyone! After a month-long hiatus, I’m back to posting on Streetztalk again! I’m sorry for the delay and I will explain what took me so long to post. Around the beginning of May, I did some travelling. I hit ATL for a week, and got thrown off my diet plan. Another week went […]