[VIDEO] 50 Cent crashes Shyne’s Def Jam Conference Call

This man is a problem! lmaooo

[VIDEO] 50 Cent warning #2

Wow…. LMAO! This man has too much time on his hands and too many resources. A dangerous combo!!

Frenemies: The Different Ways To Squash Beefs

“Worst Enemies Want to be my best friend. Best friends want to be enemies like that’s whats in!” – Nas, Success So, I’m watching NBA All-Star weekend, and as always, they look for a storyline to follow. This year had one of the best angles I’ve seen: The reunion of Kobe, Shaq, and Phil Jackson. […]

50 Cent stars in: Pimpin Curly Part 2!

50 Cent flipped this whole “curly diss” by Ricky into his own spoof. This man is a 5 star general in the art of War! Read 48 Laws of Power, he exhibits the laws well. FYI, I’ve NEVER heard a southern cat call 50 curly. Sorry. Check nahright for the hilarious comments on this and […]

12 Most Embarassing Exposures in Hip-Hop

This list is crazy. Forgot most of these. 12 Most Embarassing Exposures in Hip-Hop