Calories in vs Calories out

I read a great article by @TomVenuto where on of his readers asked a question about the slow metabolism theory. We naturally say that people with more fat have slow metabolisms, and the reason why some people can eat whatever they want and gain no weight is due to fast metabolism. Tom offers up other factors […]

[HEALTH] 9 Tips to lose weight in 3-4 weeks

The boys at put out an article for some general tips on how to lose weight in a month. This is NOT a 30 lbs in 30 days type deal, just some guidelines on how to use better practics to start losing. Slow and steady wins these races! 1. One of the most important […]

[HEALTH] Can probiotics make you skinny?

This is an informative article on probiotics and its potential effects on you for weight loss You may already be familiar with taking probiotics to counter stomach complaints or reduce the diarrhea that results from taking antibiotics. Probiotics, the “friendly bacteria,” are touted as an aid in improving immunity and managing digestion, but whether they […]

[HEALTH] 9 Weight Loss Rules That Work

Here’s a Mens Health Article on Weight Loss and some simple rules that should assist you! 9 Weight-Loss Rules that Work By: Thomas Incledon Two years ago, I presented 10 dietary rules for the man who wants bigger muscles and a smaller waist—which is to say, every man who reads this magazine. But even if […]