Halloween Highlights

What’s Good, I think one of the illest things about growing up and living in New York City is that there’s so many things to do and experience. A lot of new Yorkers have never been tot he Empire State Building or the Statue of Liberty(true Story). We often become jaded by our own city, […]

V.I.P.-asco @ the Boule-asis!

What’s going on yall, So my stories(well the ones I can post, lol) from DC continue! We hit Love on Friday night. This is one of the craziest clubs in the US, real talk. How crazy? After about 7 years of frequenting this spot, I JUST made it to the 4th floor. I thought I […]

GlobeTrotter Confessions Chapter 6: We don’t stop at the tolls we got EZ Passes!

What’s the good word my beautiful people! This weekend I experienced the Boule-asis in DC, otherwise known as AKACentennial. Beautiful women, celebrating a proud and rich history, touring the District of Columbia, and once again travelling with some of the most foolish people in this world! LMAO! So after this weekend, I’m convinced that it […]

Hancock Movie Review **No Spoilers**

What’s good yall? Last night I went to check Will Smith’s new movie “Hancock”. First off, it must be nice to be Will. Bangin wife, crazy career, shoot he’s held us down more summers than Jay-Z! After “I Am Legend” which was aite to me, I wasn’t expecting much from this movie. Usually when you […]