Ed Lover – C’mon Son #6 [via @mredlover]

We @ it again…….Balloon boy, Rick Ross, Akon, Wyclef Jean, Khloe Khardasian, Lamar Odom..everybody gets it! Weggie Jackson on the edit! This is genius! QUEENS!

[VIDEO] My Negus

You gotta love spelling bees. Props to my e-shawty MissJenkins of 3ways for hittin me off with this (pause?)

[VIDEO] DMX Speaks on Jay-z

LOL @ Tyrese’s face and DMX’s pointing. This made my Thursday!! LMAO To check the transcript of the video and hilarious commentary holla at Nahright

[Happy Friday] DanceHall Queen 2009

I’ll put $500 on anyone that want to test shorty here! **gunshots** lol

[Video] 8 years in 8 minutes

The countdown to the end of the Bush error continues! Keith olbermann goes in!!