[VIDEO] X-Men Destiny Game trailer

Marvel and Activision are dropping a new game to hit all platforms on September 27! The premise of this game is that you play an original mutant character, who has to choose between running with the X-Men (with Cyclops) or the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (Led by Magneto). I’m always skeptical on Comic book games, […]

The Walking Dead Season 2 Trailer

I got put on to this show late, but I’m glad I did! Check out the preview for the upcomming season! Can’t wait for it to begin on October 16! Check out more images at GeekTyrant  

[VIDEO] Spider Man: Edge of Time behind the scenes footage with Stan Lee!!

As a follow-up to last year’s Spider-Man: Shattered dimensions, Marvel and Activision kept the two illest characters (Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Man: 2099) for a romp through time. The premise of the game is a villain from SM2099′s era goes back in time to kill present day Spidey and change the future.  Miguel O’Hara (2099) goes […]

[VIDEO] Freddy Kreuger in Mortal Kombat – Trailer

So hold up… the king of the dream world. The demon who terrorizes the real life and fantasy world children with his claws, and chilling sense of maniacal humor, is in Mortal Kombat?!! I’m 100% GEEKED! The storyline they drew up is kinda tuff too. Check it out!

[TRAILERS] Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare Add-on Pack!

http://www.rockstargames.com/reddeadredemption/US/videos/5401 Zombies in the Wild Wild West? Why Not?!! This looks to be super cool and intrieguing. I need to hurry up and beat the game so I can partake in this undead goodness. RDR actually is starting to make me like it over the Grand Theft Auto series, but I won’t get too crazy […]