[FITNESS] Workout Log V3N15: Birthday Week Madness


Workout I didn’t let the birthday week festivities deter me from the workout. I couldn’t get all 7 days (took a day off), but I was able to complete the workouts. I got all 3 ab workouts in barely, but I need to concentrate more. I had a CRAZY week to say the least, from […]

[FITNESS] Hybrid Workout Revisted – More tweaks and Modifications

NO time to dwell on the accomplishment though. It’s on to the next one! Earlier, I spoke about a P90X-Insanity hybrid program that I was eager to try. Sunday I begin. For anyone who’s done P90x or Insanity, this program doesn’t look like it’s for the faint of heart, but I’m up to the challenge! Check […]

[FITNESS] Workout Log V3N8: Milestone 1 Reached

Workout Well as you know, I completed the Insanity program on Saturday.  A great accomplishment, but it’s time to turn the page and get ready for my next mission: The Hybrid program. Check the link to see it in-depth. This week I didn’t miss any workouts and I pushed myself farther to get the best results […]

[FITNESS] Workout Log V3N7 Insanity COMPLETE! Next up: Operation 7 Days (P90x-Insanity Hybrid Workout, Streetztalk version)

Well I finally completed Insanity today! I’m pretty hyped and I’m glad that my friends inspired me to take this challenge! This workout, as opposed to P90X, is a different beast entirely. Its cardio basesd, nd uses interval training to push your body to the limits. I really felt like I was at the combine! […]

[FITNESS] The P90X-Insanity hybrid workout – Business just picked up!

So my bro Antaun passed me a link to a P90X-Insanity hybrid workout. Yes, a combination of 2 crazy exercise programs! Jason from BetterBody90 put this together. As someone who’s completed 1 3/4ths of P90x and is on Month 2 of Insanity, I can tell you that this workout looks killer, but it intriegues me […]