[HEALTH] Foods that fight hunger and keep you full longer

It’s the dieter’s worst enemy — that gnawing hunger when you’re trying to eat less and lose weight. But fighting off those feelings of hunger could be as simple as a walk to the nearest soup and salad bar for lunch. Here’s how you can make food choices that will keep you feeling full and […]

[HEALTH] 8 tips for avoiding holiday pounds

As the holiday season approaches, here are some tips from the good folx at Beachbody have some tips for you to avoid gaining that holiday weight that will plague you, especially if you’re a “New Years Resolution Workout” person, smh. 8 Tips for Avoiding the Holiday Pounds Stephanie S. Saunders It’s that time of year. […]

[HEALTH] 5 foods every man should eat more of

Certain foods can help men to lower risks for certain diseases and provide men with nutrients necessary to live. A lot of times, we don’t get enough, so MSN Health highlights a few foods every man should have in their diet. Fatty Fish The American Heart Association recommends eating fish—particularly fatty fish—at least twice a […]

[FITNESS] My Fave Supplements that work for me.

  Throughout my fitness journey I’ve tried a lot of supplements in order to get results. I understand that different items will work for people and some won’t, so by trial and error I’ve found good supplements and bad ones. I did MAD research on these supplements too, ad nauseam even! It all paid off […]

[FITNESS] 10 healthy couch potato snacks

As football season and the new fall line-ups and returning shows on tv upon us, people will spend more time in front of the TV. In this weeks Beachbody Newsletter, they outline some healthy snacks while watching tv, so you don’t succumb to extra fat/weight and regulate your nutrition plan 10 Healthy Snacks for Couch […]