[VIDEO] MVPuppets Kobe 4th Championship

LOLOL! A fitting ending!

[VIDEO] NIKE MVP Puppets Kobe x Lebron x Lil Dez **Unreleased**

They should’ve never gave yall negroes iMovie. lmao! Dez goes IN on Mamba!! Game 5 tonite! I’m Ready. Let’s go LAKESHOW!

[VIDEO] Nike MVPs – Lebron x Lil Dez (NBA FINALS)

Damn Bron, you gotta watch Dez now…lmao! Hilarious!

[VIDEO] Ron Artest: Barkely was overrated!

Ron Artest, Queens Boro representative. Anything this man says is quoteable content. In less than 90 seconds, he goes IN on Barkely, praises Brandon Roy, and says much more. Smh. Still that dude though! props: YBB

Paul Pierce: The BEST player in the NBA

… Or that’s what he’s sayin. Here’s the article. Now here’s my opinion: Paul must still be a lil woozy from that champagne he sipped after winning the ‘chip. I know you got a ring. I know you and the Celts can “Talk yo shhhhh”, but come on family. You MAY not even be the […]