[VIDEO] Mr. Chi City Goes To Court

Chi City vs the Court. Hilarious!

[VIDEO] Mr Chi City – Toilet Bowl Issues

This has happened to all of us at least once. Mr Chi City just makes it funny as hell!

[VIDEO] Mr Chi City vs Comcast

Mr Chi City having issues with comcast. Hilarious!! “There’s a no-sex zone in my house”

[Video] Mr Chi City: Gone But Not Forgotten

Only this dude can make a trip to see a lost friend hilarious. This is real talk. RIP to all those we lost, and keep the memories alive. Check the boy Mr Chi City out!

[Video] Mr Chi City – Keep Your Fridge Stocked!

Whats good, A few people put me on to this dude. One of the realest cats on the net with over a million hits per video on Youtube! This is one of his old joints, puttin us onto game with the females and fridges..lolol! Im gonna promote this dude heavy cause he’s hilarious! Check it […]