[MIXTAPE] Lupe Fiasco – Enemy Of The State: A Love Story

Lupe finally drops his much anticipated mixtape! I almost bugged out when I saw this on Nahright as one long MP3. Lupe exlains it as “artistic stance”. Aite my G #swindle glad his camp released a normal listeners split version. Can’t wait to check this out! 01 Intro 02 The National Anthem (Radiohead) 03 All […]

[MIXTAPE] Live From New York 1994-2001 – Kevin Casey

So I was looking at 2DopeBoyz and stumbled upon this gem. Classic NY hip hop from the Golden Era! John Blaze, Invincible, and other bangers exhibit that classic hip hop feeling! From Shake: Now this is something I definitely needed on the iPod for my trip today. Big shouts to Kevin Casey for putting together […]

[MIXTAPE] Stuff Fly People Like x DJ Limelight x Got Sole? – The Meaning of Michael

From Rae Holliday: I want you to be the first to Download the Stuff Fly People Like x DJ Limelight x Got Sole?  Michael Jackson Tribute Mixtape Our DJ has been working on it for a while, we wanted to drop it on MJ’s Bday-but we were not so lucky. For your listening pleasure…It’s Dope. […]

[MIXTAPE] 50 Cent – Forever King

Really heard some on Mr Cee when he debut this over the Holiday weekend. Heard it completely today. 50 did it again. This is definitely a summer banger! His street remix game is STILL >>>>! Also this jawn >>>>>>>>>>>>> Warrior Angel LP You know the mixtapes I put up are official. Check this out! No […]

[MIXTAPE] Trey Songz – Anticipation

I’ve always given this kid his respect, but there’s no doubt that Trey’s buzz, especially amongst the lades, has grown exponentially. This move to drop a mixtape is genius and bold. He gives the people a preview before the album. Melodic, tight production, and straight “girl you know what  it is” music! This mixtape can […]