#30in30 Day 14: Apple Earpods Review


Last week, Apple unveiled its new merchandise lineup, headlined by the iPhone 5. As always, the constant debate ensued between iPhone fan boys, Anti-Apple users, and the independents that may/may not use Apple products over whether or not this was significant. As an iPhone 4S owner, my decision to stand pat until next year was […]

#30in30 Day 5: No Phone Left Behind


As I get into my #30in30 stride, one of the challenges I face is posting on the weekend. Spoiler alert: Most of these that appear will be written in advance because I don’t want to get caught out there. To a more important point, I was worried people wouldn’t read my stuff on a Saturday […]

Generation Mobile – how cell phones shape college students lives


We are all aware of cell phone use in everyday life, but how are cell phones, and smartphones, shaping student lives? You may find some interesting stats from this graphic, detailing mobile use by students. I know cell phone use just started getting heavy when I was in school (Early 2000′s). With the advent of […]

The Passion of the #StruggleBerry – end of an error


October 14th was a monumental day in the history of RIM. It was the day that the iPhone 4s dropped, and was available on all 3 major wireless carriers in the USA. This was significant because many people finally had no more excuse to discard the glorified bricks known as BlackBerrys and upgrade to the […]

T-Pain shows Ludacris and DTP the AudioTune iPhone App

All DOA Stanning aside, this looks hella fun!