Facebook University: How Facebook enhances the college experience [INFOGRAPHIC]


Facebook wasn’t around when I was in college. However, while I was in grad school, it finally came to Hofstra and the world would never be the same. The Book evolved over time (remember when it was The Facebook and only open to college students), but there’s no denying the impact it has on the […]

Always Connected: A day in the digital life [infographic]

Connectivity is at an all time high, digitally and socially. So how much is it really impacting our lives? Here’s a comic book style graphic to take a look at the day in the digital life of a student. Created by: www.OnlineSchools.org

1996 vs 2011: The Internet Yesterday & Today [infographic]

Think about what the Internet looked like 5 years ago. 10 years ago. It’s ridiculous to think about how far we’ve come along, not only with the speed, but how the design of pages look, how the Internet has economically helped us survive. This infographic illustrates just that; Yesterday’s struggle and today’s advancement: Created by: […]

[TECH] The State of the Internet in 2011

The Internet is growing exponentially, and it’s integrated into our lives like you wouldn’t believe! How much you ask? Well, check out this Infographic from Online Schools. It’s full of info that will blow your mind. I found it interesting! Let me know what you think! Thanks to Candice and Mashable for the heads up!