[FITNESS] Workout Log: V3N17: The First Plateau and holiday challenge

Workout I missed a day and didn’t attack the abs with concentrated ab exercises as well as I wanted. I did double up some days as the schedule this week  got hectic. I tend to see now that it’s not so much the exercises I do but the intensity and my nutrition. There are certain […]

[FITNESS] Workout Log V3N15: Birthday Week Madness


Workout I didn’t let the birthday week festivities deter me from the workout. I couldn’t get all 7 days (took a day off), but I was able to complete the workouts. I got all 3 ab workouts in barely, but I need to concentrate more. I had a CRAZY week to say the least, from […]

[FITNESS] Workout Log V3N14: Sickness and Health

  Workout Last week was the second week of Month 2 of the Hybrid program. I went through it, although I missed a few ab sessions (laziness). I plan to get back on it [||] this week. The main trial this week was a “lilbit” sickness. I describe this of having a lil cough, sneeze, body ache, […]

[FITNESS] Workout Log V3N13: Injuries and milestones – Keep Going!!

A lil Governator humour

  Workout This week I had to play catchup as I missed the first 2 workout days while I was on my amazing vacation.  I managed to do it, which was great, but not without a price.  I tweaked a muscle in my upper back/”wing” area. Nothing serious though. however, my neck locked-up on me Friday and […]

[FITNESS] Workout Log V3N12: Vacation Gift + Curse Pt 2


Workout This week was the Hybrid recovery week. After 3 weeks of going IN on this workout, it was a great change of pace. I missed the last yoga workout of the week due to my weekend getaway, but that’s not too bad, since I’ve been adding extra yoga throughout the entire process. I also […]