[TRAVEL] Globetrotter Confessions ch 13: The Letter of complaint to @Delta Airlines


So, I blasted on Twitter about the horrible experience I had with the Delta Airlines staff in JFK. So much so that I was inspired to write a letter to them, especially after their assistant tweeted me the customer service link! I thyink we need to write more letters and voice our concerns when we […]

[TRAVEL] Globetrotter Confessions ch 12: Las Vegas and the abortion

What’s good everyone, I haven’t written a GC in a minute. Been meaning to but [INSERT EXCUSES HERE].  Anyhow, I have a mental log of a few misadventures, and figured I’d drop one weekly for your reading pleasure. So today, I’ll speak on a quick story regarding my trip to Vegas in July. Yes, I […]

[TRAVEL] Globetrotter Confessions Ch 11: Paper Planes

Guess who’s back! Well.. the site’s been back as of a week ago (full force), but I thought it was time to bring back my GlobeTrotter Confession series. For those who don’t know, this series chronicles my travel around the world, and the crazy sh*t that I encounter. I pride myself on being the modern-day […]

Globetrotter Confessions Special – Diary of an Alpha Man: The Haiti Chronicles

Whats good everyone! My Chapter Brother Leyde St. Leger (Spring 99, #2) has been in Haiti doing some remarkable things during these last two weeks!  He sends regular updates to people on his Blackberry and by using Facebook.  We recently created a website that will help share his story and document his accomplishments.  Be sure to read his […]

Globetrotter Confessions Ch 10: Hopped up out the plane…

What’s good! As you know, Last week your boy went on Vacation. It was a dual vacation to Panama and Miami.  I told you I would have stories for days, so pardon me in advance if the stories don’t follow a sequential order. As I remember and feel compelled, I’ll share my stories accordingly. Now,  […]