[EXERCISES] 14 variations on pushups

The pushup is simple yet effective. This move forces you to battle your own body weight in order to get fit. I eprsonally can say that pushups helped me to develop my chest and tricep muscles along with my back. They can get a bit boring if you’re doing the same old thing, so I […]

[FITNESS] 5 ways to break muscle building plateaus

Lift Smarter, Get Bigger Your body won’t change unless your workouts do. “Your need to find new ways to stimulate your body to boost your strength,” says Mark Philippi, C.S.C.S., a former America’s Strongest Man. Use Philippi’s techniques to overcome these common barriers.                   You’re Unable to […]

[FITNESS] 9 Secrets for Bigger, Stronger Muscles

Check the excerpt from Mens Health and “The book of muscle. Great tips!! Your body has about 650 muscles. It doesn’t matter that you only care about four or five of them. You need every one in order to perform the normal functions of everyday life—eating, breathing, walking, holding in your stomach at the beach. Granted, […]

[FITNESS] 8 Weight-Lifting Fixes for More Muscle

By: Charles Staley I’m a sports-performance coach. For 20 years, I’ve been hanging around in gyms, coaching thousands of football, basketball, and track-and-field athletes on how to build muscle and lose weight. I show up before the gym rats and leave after they jump ship. And that means I’ve seen every mistake that is humanly […]

[FITNESS] 4 Great Bicep Workouts!

Check the article below for anyone looking for effective bicep workouts! Biceps have always been one of the most popularized body parts of a bodybuilder and it’s no wonder, they are fun to train and for most men it’s where they will notice gains early. In addition to this the pump you get from a […]