#30in30 Day 18: The Funniest Twitter Story of 2012 from @2LT_Peck


What’s good everyone. Twitter provides me with non stop entertainment. I’ve shed tears of joy now and again from the hilarious people I follow, along with seeing some wild sh*t. Nothing was wilder than the story that @2LT_Peck told the other day. I re-tweeted it on my page, but had to share it here today. […]

Infographic: Text book costs are too damn high!


The text book struggle is real. If i had a dollar for every back alley deal that was made to curb the costs of a class that you’d never use in the real world, I’d be rich! I always wondered why they were so high, and this infographic highlights some of the reasons. What text […]

Generation Mobile – how cell phones shape college students lives


We are all aware of cell phone use in everyday life, but how are cell phones, and smartphones, shaping student lives? You may find some interesting stats from this graphic, detailing mobile use by students. I know cell phone use just started getting heavy when I was in school (Early 2000′s). With the advent of […]

Infographic: 8 Myths about Financial Aid


Financial aid for higher education helps many students and families cover the costs to attend college. Believe it or not, even those who are finically capable to pay for college are eligible for financial help. Sound too good to be true? Here are 8 other myths about financial aid:   Created by: Online Graduate Programs […]

Facebook University: How Facebook enhances the college experience [INFOGRAPHIC]


Facebook wasn’t around when I was in college. However, while I was in grad school, it finally came to Hofstra and the world would never be the same. The Book evolved over time (remember when it was The Facebook and only open to college students), but there’s no denying the impact it has on the […]