#30in30 Day 15: The Results Of My Summer Fitness Challenge


  For those readers who have been following this blog for a minute, you know that I enjoy health and fitness. Every summer since 09 I believe, I’ve done the BFFM Summer Challenge. Its 14 weeks to transform your body. First place is a trip to Maui too so people take it REAL serious! Those […]

#30in30 Day 7: The Return Of The Weekly Fitness Log


After a brief hiatus, the weekly fitness journal is back! A lot has happened since I last posted over here, so let me bring you up to speed. I’m in the last week of completing Tom Venuto’s Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle Summer Fitness challenge. I haven’t made the bodily changes that would warrant […]

[HEALTH] Why Fat Cells Multiply and What You Can Do About It

Here’s another article by Tom Venuto, bodybuilder and fitness guru on understanding fat cells and how they affect you. Fat cells – also known as adipocytes – are like fuel tanks where you store energy for future use. Fat cells also function as endocrine glands, secreting hormones and adipocytokines that communicate with your brain and […]