ASK The Readers – Favorite Biggie Song

It’s been 14 years to the day that we lost Notorious BIG. My favorite rapper. Dude was incredible lyrically, an excellent storyteller, and had charisma for days! So in rememberance of Biggie, let’s hear your favorite Biggie tunes! Here’s one of my Favorite Tracks This song amazed me because a dude who admitted that he […]

Ask The Readers: Strength Building

What’s good Streetztalk community! Today’s question arrives late, but has good intention. One thing I notice about my workouts is that some days I feel like I havTiger Blood running through my veins, and the next I feel like someone slipped me a Kryptonite mickey! On average, my strength seems to increase, but not at […]

Ask the readers: Supplements

What’s good everyone! Had a crazy yesterday, so today we will talk about supplements. I posted my favorite supplements a while back, but since then, I’ve been chilling on them. I gave everyone a three month warning about getting that beach body, and everyone had great tips! I want to start up again as I’ve […]

Ask The Readers Wednesday: Most Important Physical Fitness Goal

What’s good everyone, I won’t front I was kind of stumped this week for a question, so I had to think.  I thought about my fitness regimen and my goals. I use a lot of empirical data in my fitness so I just scrolled in my mind for the answers. Then I thought about always […]

QOD – Flexibility and Fitness

What’s good everyone! Here’s another weekly question I have for you. Now since forever, I’ve never been super flexible. I’m not the kid who can do karate kicks and touch the highest part fo the ceiling, or even touch the floor without bending my knees. Flexibility is important in fitness because the more flexible you […]