Fly On The Wall

After about 8-9 months of writing, hard work, and pure struggle across the board, I am finally able to present to you my first e-book: “Fly on The Wall”. I finally set the hard deadline of November 2nd, after missing about 5 previous deadlines. I actually had this book done about a month ago, but wanted to put the final touches on it so that its perfect. Then I had to remind myself that if i keep trying to perfect this book, it will never be complete.This book did not become the Detox of E-Book releases (despite all the jokes from my SBM fam), and I’m happy to present it to you.

This book is a journey through my mind with me narrating. I’m doing my best morgan freeman impression here, as I take you through my mind and my thoughts. the type of thoughts usually reserved for those close to me, that may not be PC, but are 100% Dead Stock Authentic! I had a lot of fun writing this book, and I hope you have the same amount of fun reading! I would love to discuss the book with you, and get your honest feedback. So please drop a note on this page with any questions or comments and we can have an open discussion about #FOTW. If you are shy, you can always drop me a note on the contact page and I can answer you directly.

I’ve also added a donate button on the site. Just like freeware or the past, wordpress plugins, and any other application for the many devices of the world, I leave that option to “bless the collection plate” if you feel so inclined to support my work monetarily.The book is 100% free, and I’m glad to provide it to you that way! If you do leave a donation, please leave an email address so that I may contact you with a proper thank you!

With all that said, I present my first published work to you all. Fly on the Wall. Enjoy!

Download: Fly On The Wall - by Streetz