#30in30 Day 14: Apple Earpods Review


Last week, Apple unveiled its new merchandise lineup, headlined by the iPhone 5. As always, the constant debate ensued between iPhone fan boys, Anti-Apple users, and the independents that may/may not use Apple products over whether or not this was significant. As an iPhone 4S owner, my decision to stand pat until next year was […]

#30in30 Day8: No Country For Lost Phone Contacts

Damn Bruh...

Its 2012: The height of the 21st century. Man is the most technologically advanced we have ever been. We have the internet with limitless resources. We have turn by turn navigational devices. We have machines that can grill a mean burger and chicken breast without the heavy living. Finally, we have smart phones that operate […]

The Passion of the #StruggleBerry – end of an error


October 14th was a monumental day in the history of RIM. It was the day that the iPhone 4s dropped, and was available on all 3 major wireless carriers in the USA. This was significant because many people finally had no more excuse to discard the glorified bricks known as BlackBerrys and upgrade to the […]

[INFOGRAPHIC] How to get a technology based job

Google, Apple and Facebook are few of the highly sought out companies to work for, but how often are they hiring and how do you get a job there? This infographic details the types of positions available and what may help land a job at one of these reputable tech companies. This is some great […]

Patent Wars: How legal battles over patents stifle innovation – Infographic

The rate of new innovation within technology has been exponential, to say the least. So are the lawsuits involving the patents. This infographic depicts how many patents a few major companies own, and the price they are wiling to pay for them: Created by: MBA Online I get where the infographic is coming from, but […]