[Synopsis] A Taste Of TrueBlood Episode 48 – And When I Die Season Finale

  So… yeah it’s been real hectic round these parts. So hectic, that as I clean out my DVR, I realize that I never did a proper recap of the Season Finale of True Blood!! With so many season Finale’s going on, and the 10th anniversary of 9/11, I got a tad distracted. So I’m […]

[Synopsis] A Taste of #TRUEBLOOD: Episode 47 – Soul of Fire


Let me get this out of the way right now; This was one of the best episodes of True Blood I’ve ever seen. Period! I know that might sound a little superfluous, but the amount of blood, gore, and revelations were off the chain! There hasn’t been this much continuous action since Maryanne was fuckin […]

A Taste of #TRUEBLOOD: Episode 46 – Burning Down the House

Takers 2? LOL

  We have another episode of #TrueBlood on deck! Let’s get into the synopsis shall we? First off let’s say #ERICBACK!!!! It looks like Sookie’s powers are developing. They seem to be emotionally driven. She was able to save Bill from Eric and use her powers to restore Eric’s memory? I would like to know […]

[SYNOPSIS] A Taste of #TrueBlood: Episode 45 – Let’s Get Out Of Here


Sookie and her amazing men. I swear, I’ve spoken about her enchanted loins before, but she has every main character fiending for her attention! You see this as Vampire Bill and Alcide try to save her in the opening scene. Sookie has Bills blood in her again (which can complicate things). You can also see […]

[SYNOPSIS] A Taste of #TRUEBLOOD: Episode 44 – Spellbound?


Last Sunday brought a new episode of True Blood to us! This one kind of moved the story line further. Let’s see what’s going on with our characters: Jessica/Hoyt/Jason So the cliffhanger from last week was immediately answered. Like I said, Jessica hit the sunlight but Jason was there in time to save her! Looks […]