[INFOGRAPHIC] A look at the @WWE and the past 999 Monday Night RAW episodes

This Infographic is DOPE! Shout to the guys at Aftermath! RAW is one of my favorite programs on TV and I have watched a good 90% of the first 999 RAW’s I can say! Some of these results are interesting. Didn’t know the Tag Titles were defended the most! Wrestling fans check it out and […]

Video: Daniel Bryan Leads YES Chants After Monday Night Raw


If you saw Wrestlemania, you know the travesty that occurred with Daniel Bryan. WWE had him drop the belt in 18 seconds to Sheamus! Bryan, one of the best wrestlers on the roster, definitely deserved better in his Wrestlemania debut. We did get one gem from the entire incident: The “YES” chants gained a life […]

[VIDEO] Z! True Long Island Story Episode 27

Check out the latest episode from Zach Ryder. These skits get better every week. BTW, Rosa Mendez >>>>>>>>>>>>

[VIDEO] Triple H hits @iamjericho with Sweet Chin Music

In honor of Shawn Michaels retirement, Triple H silences the World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho after RAW went off the air!