#30in30 Day 27: #NikeFootballSociety #3M Log 002 – Impact Players


Today we take to the field and battle once more. We battle as both comrades and combatants. The Nike Football Society fires up again and all teams look to see who is the best on this day. It feels like we haven’t played a game in a month! The Thursday Night games put a whole […]

#30in30 Day 17: #NikeFootballSociety 3M Log 001: Thursday Night Lights


Damn it feels good to see people up on it – Notorious B.I.G. Damn it feels good to see people up on it – Notorious B.I.G. It’s Thursday AM and I’m beyond excited. Although I’m in Philly for work, I’m taking off at 5pm and shooting back to NYC for a few hours. I handle […]

#30in30 Day 13: Winning Time


As a Knicks diehard fan, I cringed at the idea of ESPN producing a documentary (ironically for this post, called 30 for 30) about our wars with Reggie Miller. That was a crazy time in the history of the league, and those Pacers-Knicks rivalries gave us some of the most classic playoff games ever. The […]

[INFOGRAPHIC] A look at the @WWE and the past 999 Monday Night RAW episodes

This Infographic is DOPE! Shout to the guys at Aftermath! RAW is one of my favorite programs on TV and I have watched a good 90% of the first 999 RAW’s I can say! Some of these results are interesting. Didn’t know the Tag Titles were defended the most! Wrestling fans check it out and […]

Video: Daniel Bryan Leads YES Chants After Monday Night Raw


If you saw Wrestlemania, you know the travesty that occurred with Daniel Bryan. WWE had him drop the belt in 18 seconds to Sheamus! Bryan, one of the best wrestlers on the roster, definitely deserved better in his Wrestlemania debut. We did get one gem from the entire incident: The “YES” chants gained a life […]