SummerJam 09 Review

Whats good. I went to SummerJam in NYC yesterday. I think this was my 4th or third one. I went to it kinda late because I was recording our NonStopRadio Show for the week (check the tab above), but like 90% of the acts Ive seen at Summer Jam before, so it wasn’t a total […]

COSIGN – Chester French + Clinton Sparks: Jacques Jams Vol 1: Endurance

I just listened to the new Clinton Sparks and Chester French mixtape, and this joint is DOPE! I had to research these Chester French cats. I honestly thought that was the original name of the mixtape and not the group. I found out they were a pop group and then the mixtape made sense. The […]

F.A.M.E. – Hard+Work

A lyrical prodigy with grounded sensibilities. F.A.M.E. successfully ties together the street vibe of his Jersey City, NJ upbringing with the worldly intelligence he has acquired through his meteoric rise to artistic relevance. A Graphic Fine Artist as well as a gifted, imaginative writer, F.A.M.E. has proven that his music is an experience to be […]

Nas – Untitled Review

I’m not going to sit here and say “I told you so” or “I knew this would happen”. Being a Nas fan is hard. It’s hard to deny the fact that I haven’t truly FELT a Nas album since Godson. So I speak to you without bias and keep it real when I say my […]