#30in30 Day 29: Made You Look!

The penultimate post before the end of 30 days! No real words today, just some dope music! One of my favorite remixes of all time, and always gets me hyped!

#30in30 Day 27: #NikeFootballSociety #3M Log 002 – Impact Players


Today we take to the field and battle once more. We battle as both comrades and combatants. The Nike Football Society fires up again and all teams look to see who is the best on this day. It feels like we haven’t played a game in a month! The Thursday Night games put a whole […]

#30in30 Day 24: The Delayed #Reacting Maneuver: Why Women Get Mad At Men For No Reason

photo (10)

  I was cruising down the boulevards of Instagram last night, and the picture above danced across my timeline. These SomeEcards are super hilarious, btw. This particular card held an abundance of truths within the joke. What amazed me even more about this premise is that all the women who commented on this pic cosigned […]

#30in30 Day 17: #NikeFootballSociety 3M Log 001: Thursday Night Lights


Damn it feels good to see people up on it – Notorious B.I.G. Damn it feels good to see people up on it – Notorious B.I.G. It’s Thursday AM and I’m beyond excited. Although I’m in Philly for work, I’m taking off at 5pm and shooting back to NYC for a few hours. I handle […]

#30in30 Day 14: Apple Earpods Review


Last week, Apple unveiled its new merchandise lineup, headlined by the iPhone 5. As always, the constant debate ensued between iPhone fan boys, Anti-Apple users, and the independents that may/may not use Apple products over whether or not this was significant. As an iPhone 4S owner, my decision to stand pat until next year was […]