#30in30 Day 30: Achievement Unlocked


30 days ago, a blogger had a dream. In this dream, he dared to be consistent. His blog, Streetztalk.net, was on the verge of destruction. There were no posts here, or you can say the posts were sporadic. He tried to reboot the site many times, but it usually fell by the waist side. He […]

#30in30 Day 29: Made You Look!

The penultimate post before the end of 30 days! No real words today, just some dope music! One of my favorite remixes of all time, and always gets me hyped!

#30in30 Day 28: Motivate. Act. Prosper


Tough morning to get up and make a trek to Philly. No doubt my coworkers out there will gloat about the Eagles and their cute last second win. My entire state caught the NFL fade last night! In one fantasy league I’m now 0-4 after a 3pt loss. My Nike football society squad also caught […]

#30in30 Day 27: #NikeFootballSociety #3M Log 002 – Impact Players


Today we take to the field and battle once more. We battle as both comrades and combatants. The Nike Football Society fires up again and all teams look to see who is the best on this day. It feels like we haven’t played a game in a month! The Thursday Night games put a whole […]

#30in30 Day 26: Parental Reparations

I was chilling in my room this morning, surfing the net as usual. My mom hits me up and tells me “J, I want you to buy something for me”. Immediately, my Spider Sense went nuts, because I had no idea what she wanted to buy. She had me turn to HSN, and there onscreen […]