As an IT professional, I had been both enamored and discouraged in my field. At one point, I was ready to try a totally different field, until I thought further and decided to try a different company. So far, that has proven to be a great move. I was gaining great experience at the new […]

[FITNESS] 180 Days Later Challenge – Day 021

What’s good everyone! I’m 21 days into this 6 month challenge, and things have been going well. As I suspected, my cardio has been the biggest issue. The main problem is that I hate cardio more that I originally thought, and I have to really motivate myself to get up and run. I definitely haven’t […]

[FITNESS] 180 Days Later Challenge – Day 004

4-horsemen C (29)

  Happy Monday! This weekend, like days after you start-up a serious workout regimen again, are touch and go.  This weekend I got in a Lower Body workout, and rested on Sunday. My body was feeling sore, and I don’t want to push too hard too soon. I was ready to hit the gym heavy […]

[FITNESS] 180 Days Later Challenge – Day 001


  What’s good everyone! The other day, I spoke on my 2013 fitness goals. It’s nothing new for me to take and accept a fitness challenge, but I’ve never done one on my own. This year my fitness goals are simple and effective, but my main goal of the elusive 10% body fat has and […]

Streetztalk 2013 Fitness Goals


Happy New Year Family! 2012 is in the books and we are on our way to 2013! I’m excited for the new year, as usual, and I’m ready to calibrate my goals. I checked my personal goals from 2012 and I completed about 70% of them, which is great! Even better was that I completed […]