About Vaughn Streetz

From an early age, Streetz had an appetite for creativity. From rap to poetry to short stories, he always tested the limits of his mind to create entertaining and meaningful material.  Although Streetz enjoyed writing, he never remained consistent, and in early 2001 stopped writing to express himself through graphics design. Although he found graphic art interesting, writing beckoned him to return and in 2006 he started writing more often through Myspace blogs and facebook notes.

With the advent of blogging, and acting upon great advice from friends and family, Streetz decided to start his own blog, and on April 27, 2008, streetztalk.net was born! Streetztalk.net is a platform to convey opinions, drop knowledge, and to expand his creative ideas for all to share. This site covers a variety of topics, from politics to entertainment to sports, along with editorials and personal accounts life experiences too hilarious not to share.

Streetztalk.net also promotes fitness and healthy living, and you will see posts on a variety of health and fitness topics.

In addition to Streetztalk.net, Streetz also is an administrator and weekly contributor to singleblackmale.org, the source for black male perspective!