[FITNESS] 180 Days Later Challenge – Day 001



What’s good everyone!

The other day, I spoke on my 2013 fitness goals. It’s nothing new for me to take and accept a fitness challenge, but I’ve never done one on my own. This year my fitness goals are simple and effective, but my main goal of the elusive 10% body fat has and will escape me for the final time! I’m doing a personal 180 day challenge, with my goal to reach 10% body fat by June 4th, 2013 (180 days from now approximately). I chose to call this 180 days later for obvious reasons. One thing about a 180 is it is a metaphor to describe a drastic change. A 360 degree rotation brings you back to the starting point. I’m looking to do a complete 180 from my current body composition to a better body!

I will document my daily work here on the site. I’ve done this in the past with my fitness journals, but this is something I’m taking to the next level. I’m going to keep myself honest and accountable for reaching this goal. Now, making long-range goals can get problematic because it’s easy to forget a goal 6 months away. This is why I’m setting up monthly checkpoints to track my progress.

I will be weighing myself weekly. I will measure my body fat at least monthly, but I’d love to do it bi-weekly. Weekly isn’t necessary for me because I’m more in tune with my body’s progress more than ever.

I hit my guy @BarringtonBfit today to get my measurements, and here are my opening week stats:

Weight: 184.6

Waist: 33in

Body Fat: 16.69

Pounds of Body Fat:  30.8 lbs

Lean Body Mass: 153.8 lbs

I haven’t measured myself since September, so I was expecting these results. I’ve gained 2% body fat and lost a pound since then. Not horrible and normal for an “off-season”. As you can see my 10% body fat goal is in reach!

My short-term goal is to lose 1% body fat monthly. For me to reach my goal of 10%, I have to beast one of these months to get that .69%  completed. At my pace of my last challenge, I lost roughly 4% body fat in 3 months. If I can keep that pace or exceed it, hitting my goal shouldn’t be a problem.

Yesterday, I completed my upper body, abs, and cardio workout. You can check my work HERE

I feel sore, but that’s not a bad thing. This is my body’s way of telling me not to slack anymore, lol. I’m well on my way to reaching my goal. Shoot I might attack January just to get that .69 out the way :)

Hopefully I’ll be here to help all of you in your journeys and you can help me too. Shout to the homie @FeministaJones and her #SexyShred team too! I’ll be checking your progress too!

Remember, don’t ever let others shortcomings be projected on you. Just because THEY can’t doesn’t mean YOU can’t!

See you on the good side of success! #BeTheBetter



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