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Happy New Year Family!

2012 is in the books and we are on our way to 2013! I’m excited for the new year, as usual, and I’m ready to calibrate my goals. I checked my personal goals from 2012 and I completed about 70% of them, which is great! Even better was that I completed the major goals (new job, etc). However I fell short of my overall fitness goal of 10% body fat. I know it’s a steep goal but that’s my aim. I love a challenge and want to reach it effectively. As you know, my writing here will be inspirational. I will probably do a semi-annual #30in30 challenge just to reinvigorate my writing passion, but for now when I have something to say I’ll say it.

Before I get into my fitness goals, I wanted to touch real quick on resolutions. I’ve written about resolutions before, but I would challenge everyone to look at yourselves in a different light. You should take the sports athlete approach to bettering yourself. The great sports stars go into the offseason knowing their strengths and weaknesses. They will build up their weakness, and add something new to their repertoire to make them more dynamic. That’s how I approach a new year. I look at my strengths and weaknesses, pledge to work on the weaknesses, and look to add something to my personal skill set in order to be a more complete person. This year I want to perfect the languages I know, and read more classic literature. Expanding my knowledge and my linguistic skills will definitely help me in my day-to-day life, and prevent boredom!

As far as fitness goes, I made great strides, but I’m still about 25% away from my overall goals. Every year I say there’s no excuses. I get closer and closer and I’m proud, but as always I want MORE! So I set some simple fitness goals for myself to keep in mind throughout 2013:

10% body fat by June 2013

I get my measurements from the guru @BarringtonBfit tomorrow. I ended my fitness challenge at 185.4lbs and 14.7% body fat. I can tell you I’m already under that weight but not sure about the body fat. I’d estimate that I was at 16% worst case. Which means I’d have to lose 1% body fat a month which is MORE than doable! I’m focused and ready to go.

Ab exercises 3x a week

I slacked on these in 2012. I work the total body but neglected this area. These are actually the easiest exercises to complete. I swear by Ab Ripper X, and I want to add that to my weekly repertoire

Cardio at least 4x a week

I know my body. The last time I lost a lot of body fat, I was running my ass off. Stairclimbers, spin, treadmill, and elliptical were staples of my routine. There was a point which I lost TOO much weight, but I can regulate that. I need to get it in though, even though I HATE cardio. It’s a necessary evil. Whether before or after my workout, I need cardio to assist with my workout goal achievement

Yoga weekly

I want to become more flexible, and attend to the random aches and pains I feel. Yoga is therapeutic and a great way to alleviate these issues. I skated on yoga prior, but I need at least a weekly dose. A fair shot at yoga will help me assess whether or not it’s helping me overall. Plus, it’s a great stress reliever!

Drink More Water, Eat more fruits and veggies

A friendly reminder to continue to have these as a staple of my nutrition plan.

Continue doing the good things better

I don’t have issues with weight training, eating right most of the time, or dedication. They can always be better though. Remaining focused is a must!

Play more basketball

If you told me 15 years ago that there would be a point in my life where I wasn’t hoopin’ weekly, or even daily, I would’ve called you crazy. I fell off bad, as life occurred, but I love the sport and want to play more. I have to find more groups and places to hoop, get in more leagues, and have FUN!

These are my friendly reminders to myself. I’m focused and ready for the challenges that 2013 will bring. I want to be healthy internally and externally. Mind, body, and soul.

I will also begin chronicling my fitness again here. I figure it’s a good way to keep the dust from settling on Streetztalk and another way to keep me honest.

What fitness goals are you setting for yourself?

Happy New Year and Good Luck in Exceeding your goals!



  1. I’m in the same boat regarding playing more ball; you may want to look into NY Urban Professional or Zogsports. The former is much more competitive, imo.

    Here’s to looking forward to more excellent writing and inspiring posts in ’13. I need to get it in more with the literature myself, so feel free to provide some recommendations.

  2. Fitness Goals of 2013:

    - Slim down to 250lbs (currently over 300… i can’t find scales to tell me how much)
    - Complete atleast 2 rounds of P90X
    - Compete in the Columbus City Marathon (Running a half marathon)

    Keeping it simple. If i had to place DATES. I want to be down to 250lbs by the fourth of July (obviously this can change if my doc weighs me in around something stupid). I want to keep up with P90X (i started Jan 1st so i’m 3 for 3 with the workouts), so by the fourth of July i SHOULD BE (will be?) entering my 3rd round.

    Annd i need to find out when the 5ks are taking place around town (Brest Cancer 5k, AIDS Awareness 5k, whatever) to keep my progress is prospective.

    All i know is. By the end of the year i want a transformation.

    Does anyone out there mess with supplements? I just bought some cheap whey protein powder from Wal-Mart. What about creatine? Any pre-workout supplements i should consider?

    Let me know!!

    • Oh the Columbus City Marathon is in October 20th. Forgot to mention

      • Hey JD!

        Great goals!

        I use protein, amino acids, multivitamins, and fish oil pills. Thats about it. I think you getting active and in shape is what counts. I’ve done P90X before and its tough but the results speak for itself, especially if you eat right and do what you are supposed to do.

        Good Luck!

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