#30in30 Day 18: The Funniest Twitter Story of 2012 from @2LT_Peck

What’s good everyone.

Twitter provides me with non stop entertainment. I’ve shed tears of joy now and again from the hilarious people I follow, along with seeing some wild sh*t. Nothing was wilder than the story that @2LT_Peck told the other day. I re-tweeted it on my page, but had to share it here today. This type of story I heard a lot in college! Eff what you heard, college was hilariously cool, and this story illustrates the randomness that can occur!  Check it out here. The pics are in order, but you have to read the tweets in each pic from the bottom up. For example you’ll click on the first pic below and should read the bottom line “In College I used to….” and then read up. Then click on the pic below and read from the bottom up. That’s the chronological order. My bad if it sounds remedial I dont want you to miss it lol.


This story is funny because it reminds me of all the hilarity of college. I’ve heard stories just as funny if not crazier. It makes me miss those easier times. College was one of the best experiences of my life. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I’m sure most will agree. Anyway follow the boy @2LT_Peck for that story alone! LOL!

Happy Friday!



  1. #30in30 Day 18: The Funniest Twitter Story of 2012 from @2LT_Peck http://t.co/Ls2n1yTr via @Streetztalk

  2. this is actually the funniest story ever!!!! chocolate syrup lol. still trying to figure out why you jumped into the closet lol.

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