#30in30 Day 2: 3 Reasons Why Women Intimidate Men

You Scurred?!

As men, we have a lot of pride. We will have faith in ourselves and believe that no circumstance is too large for us to overcome. We also believe that we can win with women effortlessly. This is false, as no one is ever 100% successful with women or even 100% confident. Men can be intimidated by women for many reasons.

You Are Attractive

Our society promotes beauty (well their standards) and portrays attractive people in a certain light. From the tv shows to movies an magazines, you see different beauty benchmarks and the expectations with it. A man will see an attractive woman and may be hesitant they assume a few things. We know that as the great Chris rock once said: women get offered dick 10 times a day. If you are above average in looks, that number must grow exponentially. So we figure that you have heard it all before from other men, and we have to devise a way to come at you properly. We may also assume that you are conceited or full of yourself, and we don’t want to give you the satisfaction of our admiration. It sounds petty, but I’m sure every man has at least 3 stories about an attractive women who acted like a douche for no real reason. We build upon our experiences and move accordingly.

Men Don’t Want To Say The Wrong Thing

Men are considered the aggressors in the courting process. More often than not, we initiate the conversation. The last thing we want to do is sound corny or idiotic when attempting to form basic sentences. Even the most confident man has to admit that they have been slow to pull the trigger when engaging a woman in their lives before. It’s normal. Some of the greatest athletes and performers in the world admit to having butterflies in their stomach before a huge event. Those butterflies are nice ways to say they were nervous, intimidated, and hyper aware of the magnitude of the situation. Men are the same way with women. Once you speak up and get through any initial awkwardness, you are good.

They Genuinely Like You

Men who genuinely like a woman will be intimidated by the circumstances more so than the lady. Men will think towards the future and start questioning whether the woman in commitment material. They will weigh the pros and cons. They will fear failure and be worried about making a wrong decision. They will scrutinize bad decisions they make in dealings with women. It’s a lot to handle. The situation can be a little frightening, but with experience we come to realize that this is normal. Still you can’t front on the human feelings associated with these decisions.

Intimidation is normal. Some men will front and say they have never been intimidated by a woman, which is bs. Hell my mom put that type of fear in my heart when I needed to shape up! Sensual feelings don’t always have to be a catalyst for intimidation either. Women are strong, powerful, and a headache at times. We struggle as men to understand you, but we appreciate you. Hope this helps you get a glimpse into our crazy minds too.



  1. See, I always knew that some men were intimitaded by women but they have way too much pride to admit it. Thanks for being upfront and open about it.

  2. I apprecaite you jumping onto the topic and giving us your views; but i have a slightly different opinion.

    Granted, some of us do a bad attitude (self included) and build a non penetrable dome around ourselves with our deathly side eyes!
    However when it comes to things like my level of attractiveness, my commitment to my career ambitions and personal goals- there is nothing i can do. Its not my fault that im success inclined with the beauty to match it..lol, I know; conceited much?!
    Ive been trying to wrap my head around how ambition is a bad thing… Its not my intention to put you on blast, its just that this is a topic my friends and i discuss ad naseum-literally! It makes us sick to think that we are undesirable because of our desires..!
    As Diddy says “Dont get mad, get motivated.” In that same vein; men must not be intimidated by successful women, rather motivated and admire that they have a real partner in every sense of the word. To know this woman has your back in entirety; fiscally, sexually, emotionally and spiritually (AMEN).


    • Thanks for the comment Tey. I think that ambition is great. You have nothing to be ashamed of or anything to down play. I speak on the idocy of it and the reality of it. There will always be an initial hesitation or caution, but real dudes won’t let it stop them. Let the scared ones move on! :)

  3. Good post. Interesting perspective. My question to you now is… how can a woman overcome these hesitations? Or is it possible? If you have a guy who is a great guy but there is some intimidation factor (whether warranted or not) is it possible to get beyond that?

  4. Horrified by the number of words missing from my post! I’m glad you made sense of it :)

    Yes indeed, little boys are petrified! :)

  5. Confidence as far as speaking is concerned is the most attractive part as well as the strength of any conversation, whether one is addressing a group or a gathering, your friends or counterparts and most importantly the opposite sex, confidence is definitely the central part and thus paramount to a conversation.

  6. Dee Taylor says:

    I always feel as though men are intimidated by me. My relationships start out well but then my guy will show his a#$! He’ll start making little snide remarks and taking jabs at my accomplishments. Even when I encourage him he doesn’t do the same. And to make matters worse, my guy always thinks I’m unfaithful to him! Arrgh, men! Its annoying! Thanks for the article!

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