4 Sources Of Self Motivation To Stay Fit

ALL! I treat working out like a career, and sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. I may not have the energy to attack the challenges of the day. The stresses of the daily grind could disinterest me from heading to the gym for an hour of muscle ripping weight training. Maybe I just want to chill and veg out in front of the TV and attempt to beat Mass Effect 3 (which I haven’t played in weeks, smh). As much as I want to throw my hands in the sky and say fuck this shit I’m done, I know that won’t help me reach my goals. Sometimes you need motivation to get out of bed and hit the gym. Here are a few things I do to keep my spirits high and my focus on fitness sharp:


I subscribe to Men’s Health and peruse different health and fitness sites. I always look at the different men and women fitness models in order to find those individuals that have the bodies that I want. I’m very realistic, and I’m not one of those people who’s looking for the jacked steroids build. These muses help me to visualize my best body and remind myself that blowing off gym sessions after work and eating junk day in and out won’t get me there. If you can’t picture yourself with a healthy lean body, then who’s to say that you will obtain that body? There have been numerous studies on the effect of visualization on performance. Basketball players will shoot free throws and imagine the ball going into the hoop. This builds confidence, rhythm, and makes their goal tangible. Now, of course practice makes perfect, but positive thinking goes a long way. So find that person with your ideal body type, or even your fit friends that you admire, and use them as fitness muses so that you can stand amongst them too.


I set goals for everything in life. Maybe it’s my neurotic nature, but it helps me keep focus. I have my goals hanging in my room and read them every day. I set realistic goals, and track my progress. I track the exercises I do, the food I eat, and my measurements weekly. When you can see results from your hard work, it will motivate you to #KEEPGOING! It also helps you to remain accountable. If you know that you have a goal weight or body fat percentage in mind, then you know the consequences of deviating from your fitness and nutrition plan. You will have to think twice before you stray. I get upset at myself if I have a setback of any kind, and it pushes me to be better than my best. I want to exceed my goals and be successful. Goals keep this all in perspective.


I hate to lose. I can be a sore loser, but I try to remain gracious. I never want to fail in any of my endeavours. This fear of losing motivates me greatly to succeed. Especially since I write about fitness all the time. I always get comments like “you better be a greek god the way you always talk about working out!” Well, I’m DEFINITELYnot that, lol, but I am healthy. My yearly physical exams reveal an excellent cholesterol level, no hypertension, and the overall levels are great! Now I’m working on the outside. My body is good, where I want it to be great. The last thing I want is for anyone to point at me and say I couldn’t succeed. So I take fitness seriously so that the lifelong dividends pay off in the end.


I remember reading somewhere that you are most likely to resemble and reflect the friends that you most associate with. translation: you hang out with bums, you’re liable to be a bum. You hang out with successful individuals, and you will most likely be driven to succeed. I make sure to converse with my friends who are into fitness regularly to keep my motivation high. I see their progress and want to achieve it too. I have friends who are personal trainers (Like Barrington B-Better) who assist me in my fitness progress with great tips and advice. Although I do go to the gym alone most of the time, we all are working towards our goals together.

These are some of my motivational tactics. What are yours?


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  1. krystllyght says:

    Awesome. Who is your muse? I'm still trying to find mine. It's harder for me to stay realistic because everybody is so freaking airbrushed and I've read about how fitness models live, so unrealistic for us regular folk. Jessica Alba was mine then I read an article about her and it killed it. I like Natalia Muntean though. I don't necessarily have a fear of failure but a shame of failure. Last year, I lost my pregnancy weight and reduced my waist to where I only had three inches to go on that goal and, boom, a change in schedule derailed everything and I've fallen so far off! The shame comes in because I don't want to go back to the gym and my gym friends see what happened. Dumb. I'm willing to go to the 5am spin class because I know they won't be there at that time. Plus it's good punishment for falling off. A support system is helpful. Having my hubs say he's only motivated if I'm working out is more pressure than I need. Anyway, this is a good post. I think I'm going to use your posts as part of my motivation. There are a couple of chicks on youtube too. Knowing you're not alone helps.

  2. krystllyght says:

    Dang Streetz! That's some good customer service you've got there! Quick and fast response. I wish I could leave a review on Amazon or something. Anyway, I know you're right. I'd just hate having to answer the question "What happened to you Krystal?"

  3. Lioness Rising says:

    Pinterest is great for finding your muse or keeping all the pics in one place. I have a whole board of body inspiration. If that person has a great body but not what I want/can be? I don't pin it. And looking at tons of pics helps you to zero in on your goals. I think I used to want what was popular but then I got realistic. Not every woman can have T&A/Hourglass all that. Slim and trim with nice curves is more doable for me.

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