Infographic: Text book costs are too damn high!

The text book struggle is real. If i had a dollar for every back alley deal that was made to curb the costs of a class that you’d never use in the real world, I’d be rich! I always wondered why they were so high, and this infographic highlights some of the reasons. What text book issues did you have/do you have today?

Textbook Shakedown



  1. regularsbf says:

    Amazing.. I always wondered why books were so high! This makes sense.. I used to hate having to wait for syllabi in order to buy books online then being a week or two behind in undergrad (never had a problem with this in grad school, book titles have been available at registration). I've purchased books on Amazon ( or Chegg) for 50% or more of it's sell price! Another good resource for books is the library and in Ohio, we have OhioLink (can borrow books from other university libraries in OH) but they may not have the book or right edition. I've found that professors are very sensitive to this issue, they will allow you to buy the last edition since not much changes or let you know straight up that you won't need the book so you won't waste the money. I can't wait to never buy another textbook again!

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