ASK The Readers – Favorite Biggie Song

It’s been 14 years to the day that we lost Notorious BIG. My favorite rapper. Dude was incredible lyrically, an excellent storyteller, and had charisma for days!

So in rememberance of Biggie, let’s hear your favorite Biggie tunes!

Here’s one of my Favorite Tracks

This song amazed me because a dude who admitted that he wasn’t the most handsome, spit G for DAYS!! Crazy!

Also, One of my favorite BIG features:



  1. My favourite of all time is The Wickedest Freestyle.

    I remember the moment when I finally understood the line "All it's takin' is some marijuana and I'm makin' MC's break fast like flapjacks and bacon". It was like the sky opened up for me.

    Close second is his verse in the remix of Get Money. It's not anything amazing but I love "Is Brooklyn in the house? – Without a doubt. I'm the rapper with clout everybody yap about. Check it out: guns I bust em, problems with my wife: don't discuss em."

    Last is his verse in Young G's which is one of my favourite songs ever in life: "Got lawyers watchin' lawyers so I won't go broke, now check it. Them country n***** call me Frank White. I'm squirtin' off in my loft of course I know my sh!t's tight". LOVE that line.

  2. livelovesingwithme says:

    My fav Biggie track is I Got a Story to Tell

    I think that was my first introduction into male/female relations lol. Probably why I'm so jaded now but the track is so real. Biggie didn't apologize for telling women (or men) what they didn't want to here. Almost to the point of being borderline disrespectful but at least you knew the deal. LOVE this one. And missing B.I.G

  3. One of the baddest story tellers to ever live and set foot in a studio , i wish he would have been with us longer because whack rappers these days run the industry. I have nothing against garbage rappers trying to get paid but i just choose not to listen to that bullshit , they need to make a different category for these dudes maybe club banger rappers , but that shit not hip hop and that's for real , i always tell these young bucks , if you want to hear real hip hop you got to search for it , because they not playing it on the radio. Real Hip Hop stand up.

  4. Daniel E. Rodgers says:

    Unbelievable… the dopest!!!

  5. Suicidal Thoughts



  6. One of my favorites is Juicy. The Biggie movie captured much of his life very well and I liked the music in the film. Unfortunately, it was his time to go along with Tupac. We will always love his music.

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