Ask The Readers Wednesday: Most Important Physical Fitness Goal

What’s good everyone,

I won’t front I was kind of stumped this week for a question, so I had to think.  I thought about my fitness regimen and my goals. I use a lot of empirical data in my fitness so I just scrolled in my mind for the answers. Then I thought about always wanting a six-pack. At this point, I don’t know why anymore, lol. I always thought a six-pack was the promised land of fitness. I wanted to stunt on the beach. I wanted that washboard look. I wanted the accomplishment to say that I did it when others just talk about it. I want to be more shredded in general, but I think the crazy ab section is something I want to accomplish most. Not to mention the fact that eliminating visceral fat from the midsection will extend your life, and aid in the fight against heart attacks and other ailments (that fat is one of the worst to have).

So I throw this out to my readers: Whats the most important physical fitness goal you have? A nicer chest? Firm glutes? To run a mile in 5 minutes? Anything is game here!

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  1. Up until the last few months my fitness goal has always been just to have a nicer a$$.

    I of course never got there because I hate squats and lunges and refuses to do them. So then I would get annoyed and stop for like a year and then start all over again. Repeat ad nauseum.

    In the last little while though I've changed it from being about how I look to just being about how I feel. I try not to obsess about how defined my shoulders are getting and instead focus on how many push-ups I can do (10! And real ones! Not girl ones!). I'm finding that it's a lot easier to stay motivated when my goal is something less asinine than what my bum looks like in jeans.

    Oh and btw Streetzie have you ever been on this site I'm curious to know what you think of their workouts.

  2. I keep a workout journal, so I log how many weights&reps I do on each machine(I don't record cardio b/c I keep track mentally)…so seeing the progress makes me feel good.

    But ummm, yeah…I just want my hind parts and thighs to stay in tack. I want it to sit nice and high and I don't want everything jiggling when I walk.

    @Max, you don't have to do squats and lunges to get a nice ass. I don't eff w/ them too tough b/c my knee can't take it. Try the ellipitcal with the resistance dumb high…like 10+. Also running the bleachers and high knees (joggin in place, bringing your knees as high as they can go. you can also do this using this contraption that looks like an excercise ball, but it's only half the ball w/ a solid bottom). Also, weight machines are good for the tush too.

  3. I have a few things that I'm working towards. Short term, my goal is to do five unassisted pulls ups from a deadhang. I'm at 1.5, which I still get giddy about because my upper body strength was nonexistent 6 months ago (I could barely do modified push ups). I'm training for a competition in the summer. I just want to look like I belong on stage and feel good about the work I've put in to get there.

    Long term/Ongoing, I just want to feel great, push my body to the max, and prevent illness. Whenever I get frustrated or annoyed by my short term goals, I think about the bigger picture, which is to constantly work towards a better version of myself. That always puts things into perspective.

    @Max, the leg press is good for the bum and thighs if you have knee issues. is a good source too. They have lots of examples of exercises that target the arse and instructions on proper form.

  4. My ultimate goal is to start and finish a marathon, which will happen this year. My current goal is to be able to do more than 3 pull-ups, and finish this P90x strong. Seriously, my upper body strength sucks. :-(

  5. Dont worry NIA, itll get there!

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