[FITNESS] Workout Log V3N14: Sickness and Health



Last week was the second week of Month 2 of the Hybrid program. I went through it, although I missed a few ab sessions (laziness). I plan to get back on it [||] this week. The main trial this week was a “lilbit” sickness. I describe this of having a lil cough, sneeze, body ache, fever, etc. It isn’t full-blown bed ridden stuff, but enough to weaken and annoy you. I got it on Thursday Night/Friday AM and I’m still recovering. I took a day off and doubled up the following day. Yes I doubled-up while sick.

Not saying it’s right or wrong, but I know my body and refused to stay away from my workouts because of inconvenience. I paced myself and took it a bit easier so I didn’t over exert.  It worked out well and felt better for it.

I also incorporated Insanity’s sports Interval Training as part of my 7th day exercise instead of yoga to get some more cardio in there, plus I love that workout!


This week I had a few business dinners, and ate my most caloric meals as my last meal, which isn’t part of my calorie tapering plan.  I have to remember to eat my meals and not skip, to place myself in a position to make up calories with my last meal.  Other than that nothing else too egregious. I’m happy to have started my food journal.  It keeps me accountable and really helps to plot how I function nutritionally


Hit the scale today and weighed in at 189.2. Deja Vu, because that was my same weight last week. I call shenanigans on this. Well better, I blame Canada that damn “lilbit sickness”.  Sunday I was #AllTeaEverything #AllAleveEverything and #AllWaterEverything as I tried to stay coherent and stop the lilbit until it turned into Slime Swine Flu /exaggeration.  So I suspect that water weight, along with not eating too much that day, accounts for the weight results.  I still consider myself on pace to weigh in at 185 or less on Nov 7th (which would = 2.1lbs lost per week) and I know I can get that or pretty close. Like I’ve said on previous entries, I’m not worried about breaking even because im sure I’ll touch 187.2 or lower next week. Plus, I’m more focused on body composition than actual scale weight (although i do have my goals). I didn’t take measurements today, but taking them over the weekend I’m in the same position. I want to lose about one more inch off my waist just because, so we will see.

The Challenge

Last Week:

1) Avoid re-agravating my injury – Done. I think I’m about 90%

2)Follow my nutrition plan closely and stay within caloric limits – Stayed within limits, but need to eat heavier meals earlier

3) Get in extra workout this week if I’m not doing anything better -  Ninja I was SICK!!

This Week:

1) Get better and get over sickness

2)Follow the taper portion of the plan well, and if you eat out, eat smart (wait for it…)

3) No missed workouts INCLUDING Abs

And as always, for the best health tips, products, and services, check out my BeachBody page!


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