[TRAVEL] Globetrotter Confessions ch 13: The Letter of complaint to @Delta Airlines


So, I blasted on Twitter about the horrible experience I had with the Delta Airlines staff in JFK. So much so that I was inspired to write a letter to them, especially after their assistant tweeted me the customer service link! I thyink we need to write more letters and voice our concerns when we get sh*tty service. I don’t know about you, but my dollar counts and I refuse to be treated like crap! Check my letter below to see the fckry that occurred:

To Whom It May Concern,
On Thursday, October 7th, I arrived at the Delta terminal in JFK to check in for my flight. My flight was scheduled to depart at 3:59PM. I arrived at the airport at 2:55pm, and while being directed to the correct kiosk to use, I checked in electronically. By the time I reached the kiosk, it was 3:01pm. Upon my initial log-in, I received an error notification, which stated that I could not check my bag because “I was too late to check in”. I asked an attendant if I could bypass this notification, since I was already in the airport and just didn’t log-in to the Kiosk until 59 minutes before my flight. She harshly told me “you can’t check in your bag you’re too late” and continued to help other customers.

I decided to wait online to speak to a representative at the check-in counter. When I arrived at the counter, and explained my situation, I was met with disgustingly rude attitudes and condescending tones. I was told that I was too late and whether I was a minute or 15 minutes late, there was nothing they could or WOULD do for me! They also informed me that “the machine would not allow them to print out a tag for my luggage so they couldn’t check it in”.

I offered suggestions that I have found to be very helpful and feasible while I travelled on other airlines. I asked if my luggage could be sent on a later flight, to which I was denied. I was told that I had to travel with my luggage and the next flight wasn’t until 8pm. I could not fly that late to my destination, as I had meetings to attend at specific times. The attendant than dismissed me, saying that unless I call someone to pickup my bag, buy another carry-on to bring on the plane, take the later flight, or dump everything in my check-in bag into my carry-on, that there was nothing they could do, and told me to move to the side as she called the next customer before I could even finish a sentence.

I felt insulted, disrespected, and that my business meant nothing to your organization for many reasons.

1) To tell me that your machine would not print a ticket past a certain hour, when on other airlines that have a shorter cut-off period than Delta have printed these same tags and made the same concessions for me, is ridiculous. Especially to someone like myself who works in the IT field, auditing the same machines you use daily, displayed a lazy and unenthusiastic attempt at customer service.

2) Other airlines have printed out tickets, and even international boarding passes, at times I have arrived 5 minutes after the cutoff. Had I reached 30 or 20 minutes before takeoff I would understand. To dismiss me for being a few minutes after the cutoff, and being rude in general when I treated the entire staff with respect, was disheartening and discouraging to my flight experience

3) The different scenarios and feasible alternatives I suggested in order to get my bag to its destination were dismissed as if the requests were outrageous. In these times, customers have many different options and airlines we can fly. I didn’t complain about paying $25 for baggage check, when other airlines would offer the first bag free. Despite the many complaints I’ve heard about Delta, I chose to fly your airline to see for myself, and this experience, the inability to work with customers to get them to their destination safe and happy, and the blatant disregard for my situation and feelings is what angers me the most. I can understand if I was rude and obnoxious, but to receive the attitude and condescending tones in speech from the representatives, was uncalled for and disrespectful.

I ended up having to leave a $100+ piece of luggage at JFK, pack EVERYTHING into one small carry-on, while carrying the rest in hands. I was told to wait on a line when I already had a boarding pass printed. 10 minutes later, I realized there was no need for me to stay on this line despite what the representatives said, and made my way to security. This miscue on the reps end almost caused me to MISS this flight!

So I ended up on the airplane with an over-packed carry-on, remaining items in my hands, and a lost over $100 in luggage, all to get on my flight timely (which I almost missed due to the inept and rude customer service representatives). This was the worst experience I ever had on any airline. Period. To say that Delta has lost my business is an understatement. In the future, I will recommend against anyone flying this airline, because if your representatives at the airports don’t respect my business, than Delta doesn’t respect me either. If you don’t respect my patronage, than I’m sure American, JetBlue, United, or any other airline will treat my business respectfully.


Let me know what you think. It’s crazy how many people roast Delta on a regular basis. #NoCountryFor DELTA!!


So This AM I got a response from Delta apologizing, saying they will look into the rude bustdown that almost made me  miss my flight the attendants and gave me a $50 voucher. Y’all cosign?


  1. Deedeestonz says:

    $50? That is 'boy hush up' money'…I have had horrible experiences with Delta too and there is no way I would EVER fly with them again!

  2. They need to come off with more then $50. That's their standard that they throw at everyone.

  3. Bwahahahaha! Sorry to hear about your problems over there phrat. I wish you told me you were going to write them that message. I would have told you to make specific comparisons to Jetblue as they HATE that. Jetblue RUNS JFK and Delta is not at all happy about it. Letting them know that you are not only taking your business too but also directing the business of everyone you encounter to their superior competition in JFK would have gotten a serious rise out of them.

  4. Samantha W. says:

    A $50 voucher to use their airline again? What about a check for the price of your luggage lost and a free trip voucher so that they can try and redeem your business. *side eye* I only traveled with them cause they have good cookies onboard. Those biscoffs are like crack :-)

  5. That's pretty lame…$50…they can do better than that!!! I will be sure to spread the bad word about these fools!

    I can't imagine you carrying your belongings in your arms :(

  6. $50 seems to be the standard, "here you go boy" money for many airlines. I fly Delta allllll the time. Thats the main hub for my work travel and I've had no issues. so yea, I'll continue to fly them–also I like to chill in the crown room with my fancy coworkers even though I'm not a medallion member. lol

    we discussed this and I told you–and I hate to be the killjoy of the comments, but you prob should've just got there before exactly an hour before your flight–the time you walked in the building is really of no consequence–it matters what time you CHECK IN. Which is why I typically do not check bags and check in online whenever I can. Its important to give yourself time for waits in lines ESPECIALLY security. and I'm sure JFK is a super busy airport, its not like where I live and you can flow right to the front 30 min beforehand.

    Anyway, their treatment to you was inexcusable, but that couldve happened at any airline's stand in any city in this country, sorry to say. I've had horrible experiences with United–so I just don't fly them anymore. *shrugs*

    • Yeah what Reecie said.

      Delta is the airline that lost a man's dog and only reimbursed him the $200 for the dog's travel fee. Bananas! I wrote them a letter about it because I was so disgusted.

      My S/O once sat on a tarmac for three, 3, TRES hours to just be told that they were cancelling the flight. He missed a very important business meeting too because they couldn't find him a new flight until the next day. Don't fly Delta!!!!!

    • I have to say that I believe you comment to be wrong. Yes JFK is a busy airport but them telling him that they cannot check his bag was pure 100% USDA Horse S**t. I tell you this with the utmost certainty. They didn't check it in not because they couldn't but because they purely didn't want too. Delta customer service is among the worst in JFK and this is widely known. Those systems can be overridden at any point. It may be their policy that check-in is cut off 1hr before but they can bypass that. My mother use to work there and would frequently show up late. Never had trouble getting her bags checked in.

      And why do they require 1hr? Jetblue requires 30 minutes minimum for a domestic flight. We push out more flights then they do at JFK. And it damn sure doesn't take that long for your bags to go through TSA. Its a major #swindle

      • I don't know the politics of JFK, but I know the politics of air travel in general. I stand behind the belief that the foul TREATMENT coudlve come from any airline representatives–as it was her personal discretion to not let him overide the policy

  7. Jeff you should write them a follow up email expressing how offended you are that they feel a $50 voucher is adequate compensation for the rude and disrespectful service you received as well as the loss of your luggage; valued at over $100. It shows you how little the value you as a customer and further confirms why they shouldn't receive your business anymore.
    $50 is likely less then half (maybe 1/3) of what one of their one-way fares cost. They could have done you much better.

    • L I doubt that would've helped. I actually meant to drop JetBlue's name in it too but I forgot. LOL.

      They have their own hub that no one goes to and they want to act up. Shyts crazy.

      Email me if you have any suggestions for a follow-up email I should write them.

  8. I feel you Reecie but Delta has its own hub in JFK. Since people dont fly them like that (in NYC) its a natural flow.

    I won't lie and say I shouldn't have gotten there earlier but that's still no excuse for their poor treatment and horrible customer service.

    I'm going to write back to them once I get a chance and let them know that $50 was BS and continue to Ether them.

  9. The moral of the story… never check baggage.

    • LOL If you can travel for 5+ days with a carry on and it's not for work, then God Bless. LOL. This aint like when you're a neo and all you need is a condom and a t shirt homie.

      I do agree that carry ons >>> though

      • joannagenius says:

        A t shirt and a CONDOM!
        Im completely done for! HAHAAAA!

        I had a craptastic time with American the same weekend but nothing in comparison to your post.


  10. Um… I feel for you, I really do. But why only an hour before the flight? Aren't we still on terror alert orange? lol. Still, thats no excuse for being a rude a$$hole. I hate rude people in general, but when I'm in a hurry, and need your service, don't you dare speak to me sideways.

    I guess you should be thankful for your $50. You can use it the next time you check bags.

  11. Wow…
    I can't even say anything else other than "wow".. I'm not gonna say that's why I try to fly JetBlue, but it's one of the reasons…
    The control freak (and overall bad luck I possess) I am has me showing up to the airport 2 hours beforehand to fly to DC, like I'm going to Jamaica..
    I like how they send you a $50 voucher to fly THEIR airlines again.. I find that to be a bit absurd..
    I'll drive out of my way to get good customer service.. To get poor service when there are so many other airlines just DYING for your business is obscene..
    I bet they would've tossd your bag on another flight if it suited them.. (i.e. overcrowding) and you would've been expected to "deal with it"

  12. delta is garbage, if there is a choice i avoid them like the plague. I took them on an international flight wit my 3 yr old daughter and they were late, we had to deplane because ther plane needed servicing and theier staff attitudes was rude and obnoxius, i couldnt beleive it. I was going to write a letter but decided i just wouldn't fly them even i had to pay a few bucks extra

  13. Gustav Kurtz says:

    Be on time!

  14. andrea Botti says:

    I agree w Gus, be on time friend!

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