[TRAVEL] Globetrotter Confessions ch 12: Las Vegas and the abortion

What’s good everyone,

I haven’t written a GC in a minute. Been meaning to but [INSERT EXCUSES HERE].  Anyhow, I have a mental log of a few misadventures, and figured I’d drop one weekly for your reading pleasure. So today, I’ll speak on a quick story regarding my trip to Vegas in July. Yes, I said July. I wasn’t BS’n when I said I was stuntin’ on these stories!

So I was on my way to the City of Sin for my frat’s convention, and to try to come up on some $$$ (another blog on this next week, smh). So I rolled out there with the boy L. West on the incomparable Jet Blue airlines.  Jet Blue was actually the first Airline I ever flew. Since that time, I haven’t had anything remotely bad to say about them (I’ll bitch about price here n there but that’s normal), until today. Although I do subscribe to the train of thought that “Any flight that you walk away from is a Good Ass flight”

We get ready to land in LV, and for people who’ve flown into AZ or LV know, the turbulence in that area can be a little unnerving. However we got through that, and as we’re ready to land, I experienced something on that flight I only heard about from others, and hoped I never had to experience: An Aborted Landing.

Whats an aborted landing? Well I can show you better than I can tell you:


I wish there was a camera to take a picture of the face I made! I literally looked over and said “The plane just went back into the air didn’t it.” and threw my hands up in disgust. it was crazy too, because when the wheels touched the runway, I heard the plane revving up and NOT slowing down. Speechless isn’t even the word! Some dudes in the back requested a round of drinks for the plane to calm everyone down. Ignant!!

I believe this occurs when anything disrupts the landing, or when a pilot overshoots the runway and has to reset. Funniest thing is, the captain didn’t give us an update until like 10 minutes after!! He came on the P.A. system and basically said “my bad”. 20 minutes later we landed, and I contemplated walking back to NYC.

For someone who travels frequently, it’s sh*t like this that puts fear in my heart. Oh well, I’m back in the air this weekend! Let’s get it!! -__-

Hoping that’s the only type of successful abortion I’ll need in my life,


  1. Oh hell no!!!!!

    My ass would've been praying to God, Allah, Jehovah, Mary and Joseph. Through in Moses for good measure. I can't take stuff like that *shivers*

    • Dude you don't even know!

    • Hopefully this won't happen when you come out to Cali LaBakir. May is a perfect month to come!

      • I hope not! I've experienced turbulence before on flights to ATL (can I tell you it's rained EVERYTIME I've visted that place)…but that's about it. Hell, I was on a plane for 12 hours to get to Egypt and was straight.

        I know my Scary Mary ass would not deal well w/ some mess like that!

        • Egypt? That sounds like somuchfun! I am a chicken too, never liked flying…I have an 11 hour flight coming up next week. As long as no taliban looking folks set foot on board I will be ok.

          • LMAO @ the Taliban

            Egypt was AWESOME! I couldn't believe I was in Africa. I bought a travel journal for the trip …I took so many notes and have all my ticket stubs from the different museums and such.

            Have fun on your trip!

  2. This post had me cracking up (walking back to NYC???) and then LaBakir's comment? DEAD… put me in the coffin and bury me!!! ___/

    I travel often but have never experienced this. #thankyouJesus.

  3. BP,

    Tu eres nada! :( lolol

    a mess…

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