[FITNESS] Hybrid Workout Revisted – More tweaks and Modifications

NO time to dwell on the accomplishment though. It’s on to the next one! Earlier, I spoke about a P90X-Insanity hybrid program that I was eager to try. Sunday I begin. For anyone who’s done P90x or Insanity, this program doesn’t look like it’s for the faint of heart, but I’m up to the challenge! Check out the PDF of the workout here => P90X Insanely Reloaded Plus Final to follow along. Now as you can see, it follows the P90X 3 month format. This looks tough enough, but I’m going to turn it up a few notches. Here are the modifications I’m going to make

I wrote the above in workout log V3N7 about the ways in which I would tweak the Hybrid program. However, I’ve re-evaluated the workout and decided to change some more things. I think this program is awesome, but after extensive knowledge of both systems, and how they affected me, I decided to do a bit more…

Following the original P90X weight program

The biggest tweak in the hybrid workout was the exclusion of the Legs/Back exercise from the workout.  I understand the logic, that you’ll do a lot of leg work with the Insanity Workouts, so why add them. My argument is that you did a comparable amount of leg work in Classic P90X anyway with Yoga and Plyo AND Kenpo-X. Legs/Back is actually sandwiched between Yoga and Kenpo so you can say that’s 3 straight days of leg work! In the first 30 days of both of my P90X attempts, I saw a LOT of change. So, I’m going to add it back and follow the same lifting schedule, only subbing the Insanity/P90X Plus workouts where applicable.

Double up for any days missed

I know I made the 90 Days “no days off” commitment, but I know for sure there will be a few days where I won’t be able to work out. So, I will double up no matter how many consecutive days off it is. Whether it’s an Insanity Workout in the AM and P90X in the PM or 2 Insanity workouts in a day, I will make up the lost time regardless.

Alternating Yoga-X and Max Interval Sports Training on “Off-Day”

I can’t believe I’m even agreeing to this, given that I abhor Yoga-X (which is a good thing). However, results are results and doing it 4x a month instead of the 5x you would do it in classic P90X, along with 2 extra Max Interval Sports Training Sessions, well… you can’t do wrong! I’ll gain the extra flexibility and strength from Yoga, along with the fat burning of Sports Training. My evil genius fitness mind is laughing in approval!

Well this along with the old tweaks below, should make this optimal. I’ll let you know how it goes. If you’re taking the hybrid challenge, consider these modifications I’ve made. I think it’ll make the Hybrid one killer workout!

No Days Off

That’s right. No. Off. Days! Usually I’d take my off day to rest up, but I do not want to be idle.  I want to be doing some type of intense workout 7 days a week to continuously challenge my body to be its best. Then again, I don’t want to do the X-Stretch on those days either, which brings me to my next point…

The Off Day Schedule:

Instead of doing X-Stretch, in Phase 1 i’m going to do Max interval Sports Training. It’s my favorite exercise, burns calories, and gives me a great balance of endurance and cardio. A great “off day exercise”. I’m going to assess my body composition and progress after phase 1.  I might keep doing that or switch in Phase 2.

In phase 2, I’m thinking about bringing back the Legs/Back exercise and mix that with Max Interval Training. Upon further review, I’ll do Legs/Back to give more weight training emphasis on Phase 2.

Phase3 I’ll alternate weeks with Max Sports and Legs/Back. Shiiiit I’m gonna be wasted!

Alternate Insane Abs and Cardio Abs

The insane ab exercise is a fat burner and torture on the core. I like cardio abs as well. Since we’re doing Ab Ripper X too, I think a healthy rotation will keep my core guessing, and get it ripped!

Going to the gym

I’m going to goto the gym to do most of the P90X exercises. I like my gym and want to have more variety of weights to use. Time to return!


  1. Revolved head to knee pose is one of the more simple looking poses, but can still be very challenging. My boss, Leeann Carey says that it is one of the best stretches. She has a free yoga video on this that your readers would like: http://planetyoga.com/yoga-blogs/index.php/free-y

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