[FITNESS] Workout Log V3N8: Milestone 1 Reached


Well as you know, I completed the Insanity program on Saturday.  A great accomplishment, but it’s time to turn the page and get ready for my next mission: The Hybrid program. Check the link to see it in-depth. This week I didn’t miss any workouts and I pushed myself farther to get the best results possible. I still have to take mini breaks during a workout, but I push myself a little more every day. I started the Hybrid program and it’s cool to do P90X again. I felt strong and look to take my body to new levels. We’ll see if I’m so optimistic after one week in the books, lol!


I would give myself a C+ this week for nutrition. I think keeping this food journal has been a great asset to me. I can review all I’ve eaten and see how they correlate to my overall results. My weekly alcohol consumption was ridiculous overall (damn you open bar!), and I had a few days where I only ate 4 meals a day. Tell tale signs of a slowing metabolism. So this week, I look to follow a stricter nutrition plan, eat 5-6 times daily, and keep the alcohol content to 1-2 drinks this week. I’m also reviewing the P90X nutrition plan where they break down your portions of Protein, carbs, and fat you should consume over the 90 days. They basically change the ratios by Month to accommodate the type of workouts you perform. I want to take all my measurements now so I have a point of reference every month.


After I completed Insanity, I weighed myself and I was 195.4. Kept that in mind as I finished the weekend and weighed myself today. Weighed in at 196.0 even. The bad news is that I fell short one pound of my average weekly weight loss goal. The good news is that I hit Milestone 1 of 4 in my weight loss goals of 10lbs officially lost! Next mile stone is 190. I also took my photos for the complete Insanity visual results and I made good gains, but as always not the gains I’m ultimately looking for. I’m harsh, but I dream BIG! Now it’s time to turn it up and reach my goal. I have 13 weeks of this hybrid schedule, and at my 1.5lb/week average, I’m projected to lose 19.5 pounds and weight in at 176.5. I’m not looking to go THAT low, so hopefully I’ll reach my milestone quicker.

What’s your fitness goal? How do you plan to achieve it? Let me know!


  1. Hey, you make me proud of your success! This talk of nutrition and workouts is making me want to go and exercise! Congrats on your weight loss.

  2. Congratulations on finishing Insanity!! I'd be lying if I said that I made it past the first week. I know it doesn't work for me..
    I need to exercise outside. Working out in my living room is not what's hot..

    I want to lose about 10 pounds.. I dont' mind my weight if it was more toned.. I want my quads back as well as flat abs and a more defined back.. Now that I'm not working anymore, I'm trying to get into a routine of doing strength in the morning and cardio in the evening..
    Keep moving forward Streetz!
    Peace and Love, Nick

    • Nick,

      I really think you should give Insanity another look. If you eat right and do it, you'll get where you want to get in the 60+ days.

      Id also say that you should stretch and do cardio in the AM and PM. in 07 I was doing 2 a days running for 6 weeks and lost so much weight I had to stop because I looked like Mary Kate Olsen, lol

  3. I'd like to lose at least 10lbs. I've been focusing on my eating more as I'm pretty good with the workouts. I don't even wild out on the eating tip, but I started keeping a food journal to see what's good. I was doing twice a days at one point: at lunch and after work. But now that's school has started…that's not going work. And I'm not a morning person.

    I find it harder to lose weight while I work out. I once only ate 1 time a day…and I lost MAD weight. Now I know that wasn't healthy and apprently folk thought I was too thin. I suppose my biggest issue is completely embracing my hips and tush. I've tried divorcing them, but they won't leave.

    A well, I have probably another 6 weeks or so before I join the gym for the winter. I plan to crank up my weight training and get back on my push up game.

    • Good luck with that! You inspired me to write an easy guide to better nutrition! Ill put it up tomorrow. Hope it helps!

      Push ups are sexy. real talk!

  4. Congrats on the finish, Streetz!

    I want to lose about 10lbs, as well as increase my overall strength. Specifically, upper body strength. I love Insanity, but every floor workout w/a pushup kills me every time. It's always the hardest part of the workout for me. I do it all, but I'm usually much slower than Shaun and the gang. lol.

    My short-term goal is to be even sexier than I already am sexy for homecoming in October. I have my eye on this short, tight dress… I plan to be slaying hoes left and right in Atlanta. lol.

    • Well you have a month. If you go SUPER HARD you can get there. Its gonna have to be buckle down mode though. Strict diet, 2 a days, all that. Don't shoot the messenger though, it can happen!

      • I know it can happen, I've done it before. Thing is, I was in school then and I was broke. I was telling my sister last night, when I was a broke student, I had a healthier diet. I'm going to try to replicate those old days.

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