[FITNESS] Workout Log V3N6: The Labor Day Diet Massacre


Missed no workouts this week. Actually, I haven’t missed any this month! This Insanity program definitely lives up to its title name. No matter how many times I do these exercises, I will hit my limit, tire out, sweat like Patrick Ewing in the playoffs, and have to push myself to get better and stronger. This week, I didn’t take my “off day” I went to the gym and did  a total body weight training workout. I haven’t lifted weights in a month and change, and I felt my strength was on the decline. It’s to be expected, as my workouts have been mostly body weight and cardio. It felt good to be active instead of not doing anything for the entire day. I’ve conditioned myself to expect some type of exercise everyday, and I love that. I think from this point out I’m going to make sure to be active 7 days a week, even if my off-day exercise is sports(basketball, swimming, etc) or some light cardio, I want to get a workout in continuously throughout the week.

This is my last week of Insanity. This has been an excellent workout program and I can’t wait to finish up strong!


Yeah…so I went in this weekend. I knew Labor Day Weekend was going to be a problem, and I had a few diet hiccups. Alcohol was consumed in bountiful amounts from Friday-Sunday. Birthday celebrations, open bars, rooftop parties, and bar-b-ques all served to be instruments of violence to my nutrition plan. I also found that I ate fast food/fried food more than often this weekend. I won’t front, it was good, but my nutritional conditioning makes me aware of my transgressions and allows me to adjust and make sure I eat better. Like my homie Erika says, I won’t kill myself for indulging. It was a great celebration/reason and I still managed to eat well save one or 2 meals a day for the weekend.

I kept a food journal and that has helped me in an amazing way. It’s helped me to assess my diet,  see what I need to adjust, what works and what fails, and my eating patterns. The journal also showed me how much I changed my diet in this last month. It gives me a lot of hope for the following weeks. I’m not too worried because I know I’m going to have to restrict heavy this week (or get back to normal, however you want to look at it), and that won’t be a problem.


With all the missteps, along with a 7 day workout week, I managed to drop 0.8 lbs this week to weigh in at 196.4. This shows me that the holiday weekend did have an adverse affect on my weight loss, because I’ve lost at least 1.5lbs a week. It also shows that the healthy choices I made aside from the indulging helped to curb or combat the negative nutritional effects. Hopefully a move back to normalcy will help me with my final weigh-in. People have already commented that I look like I lost weight, so that’s a great sign.

What a weekend. On to the next one!


  1. Wow, your last insane week. Congratulations!! This is just my first week of month 2, and its killing me softly. lol. And Labor Day weekend did not help at all. I've introduced more cardio and weight training into my workouts, so it's Insanity every morning, T/Th weights, and MWF treadmill/elliptical. I want to keep this up all month, but I might not make it. lol.

  2. And how are you just going to fall asleep at a party? lol.

    • If you had the day I did, and the drinks… you would've too. lmao

      You're a beast for your insanity plan too…lmao

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