[FITNESS] Workout Log V3N4: Insanity and the Week of Hell


I just started my second week of Insanity month 2. This workout is no joke. I find myself cursing Shaun T, life, working out, the recession, my sneakers, and anything else that comes to mind. What I can tell you is that it works. I feel stronger and faster. I feel like cardiovascular wise, I’m healthier and I have more wind than before. I feel like doing month 1 of Insanity would be a breeze, but I’d probably push myself harder and get just as exhausted. We’ll see when I start the P90X-Insanity hybrid workout in a few weeks.

The moves in the program are good and I’m learning them, so now I have to perfect them so I can go all out. I still take breaks (as everyone including the people in the video need  to do), but I’m getting better though. This week I’m going to do the exercises all in the AM before my work commute. High Intensity Interval Training done in the AM first thing is a great asset to fat burning and you get that afterburn throughout the day. I also use the results and recovery formula during my exercises. Helps me to hydrate and get some type of energy for the long haul.


Kept the nutrition good this week. Ate well for the most part. Friday was the “worst day” as I ate a slice (or 2) of Cheese Pizza for lunch and went out to dinner that evening. I kept the dinner fairly healthy, using those “Eat This Not That” tips. Saturday I had my Popeye’s date, and it was spectacular! I also went to a BBQ later that evening, but kept it cool with a couple of chicken breasts. Liquor was involved but I’ve switched that up too. I drink liquor straight now and avoid the sodas/juices with it. I’m not a heavy drinker to begin with, so that helps as well. Not too much into beer, but if you follow me on twitter, you know I will cry #ChrisBrownTearsofJoy for Ciroc, Henny,etc.  Consumption in moderation is key! The Shakeology experiment is going well. It tastes good and is a great addition to home made smoothies.  Protein + Veggies for dinner makes a world of difference!


As of now I weigh in at 199.0lbs. A 1.6 lb decrease from last week! Kinda dissapointed I didn’t meet my goal of 2lbs per week, but I’ll continue to go hard at the workouts and nutrition, make my tweaks, and see if I can drop more weight. I’m also estatic that I’m below 200 as I’m now 3lbs from a 10 lbs weight loss since July, and 9lbs away from my goal of 190lbs. Time to keep pushin!!

I record all my progress on my TeamBeachBody page also, so if you’re on there friend me and check out the workouts and my daily progress.

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