[Kicks] Manny Paquiao Nike Trainer 1 – Whoa!

Pretty Tuff! I still think Mayweather’s gonna win that fight, but the Phillippines won. It’s only being released out there, so get on the phone and make some calls!

via Kicksonfire


  1. those are official. also i believe that after last nights antics mosley is getting a shot at mayweather before paquiao does. lol

  2. LOLOL word! IDK though Shane hasn't been relevant in a WHILE

  3. И как автору не влом столько времени на написание статей тратить, мы конечно Вам очень благодарны, но вот я на такой альтруизм не способен :)

  4. noasodomestictted September 27, 2011 Hahaha you are NOT horrible! We all have lives outside of blogging hahaha!

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