Paul Pierce: The BEST player in the NBA

… Or that’s what he’s sayin. Here’s the article.

Now here’s my opinion: Paul must still be a lil woozy from that champagne he sipped after winning the ‘chip. I know you got a ring. I know you and the Celts can “Talk yo shhhhh”, but come on family. You MAY not even be the best player on your team(I’m still saying Ray Allen was MVP of the finals… I think he hit ANOTHER 3ptr just now!). You have impressive stats over your career and put in a lot of time, but seriously I don’t think you are even top 5 in the league now.

You’re NOTbetter than Kobe(yes Kobe HATERS admit it). He has 3 rings when your team couldn’t even make the playoffs, more hops than you, and masters improvisation on the court at a higher level. He plays better D than you too..

You’re Notbetter than Lebron. Yea you got a ring and he don’t but the kid is a beast. His potential is crazy and where his skill level is at this point eclipses you now.

You’re Not better than Tim Duncan. Wht he got like 3-4 rings too? The Big Fundamental is called the best PF in NBA history. This dude is a game changer and is one of the most fundamentally sound players Ive ever watched. You JUST started playing D when KG got to Beantown!!

You’re NOT better than Steve Nash. Back to back league MVPs. No ring but this man epitomizes the word MVP. He won the MVP one year, had LESS to work with the following year and won it again? Come on fam. His vision is crazy, jumper wetter than the Atlantic, and redefined and reestablished the PG position in the NBA.

You’re NOT even better than D-Wade! D got his ring before you with a less talented team then you had. He took the finals OVER and stepped up when it was called on him(like you, no disrespect). Even injured, he puts up numbers that eclipse yours, so I’ll take a healthy D-Wade over you anyday boss

Finally, you’re NOT better than KG. KG was the difference maker on the squad. You are the captain. You’re leadership and conformity helped win the chip, but KG is way better defensively, is one of the most dynamic players ever in the NBA, ad would have a LOT more rings if the T-Wolves had any sense.

Those are just some off the top of my head. Pump the brakes and stay in your lane dude. You might swerve and hit somebody. You are nice, but enjoy the title and remain humble. Let’s not talk greasy overseas. Geez!


  1. FGE Editor in Chief says:

    That clown is definitely not the best player in the NBA. He is average at best and was just luck to be blessed with an awesome team and coach this year.He needs to retire because this is the furthest on top he'll ever be.

  2. Kobe is the best player in the league…end of story.Peace-Chi

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