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Whats good?

Well after doing my thing on facebook notes/myspace, I’ve finally decided to create my own personal blog! I haven’t had much time to sit down and write lately, been travellin and trying to live this thing we call life. My main purpose is to give everyone who enjoys my random rants, needs a detour from the normal work day, or just wants to hate on what i say(lol) a more centralized/professional outlet to do so. I got a LOT to write about from my last few weeks away, and from the many things that have transpired in my life over the course of 2008. I can’t wait to share these experiences with you, but if i dropped it all today, i’d have writes block until the end of summer, lol… so for now, here is some things swirling thru my head today:

  1. GTA IV drops Tuesday. This game has been heralded as a classic. IGN gave this game a 10. Something they haven’t done since 1999!(check the video review HERE). I played the series sparingly, but now I’m definitely going IN!! Looks like this blogging thing may run out of gas before it even takes off, lol
  2. If you follow the NBA, Lebron James and DeShawn Stevenson have a beef going on. Deshawn called Lebron “overrated’(are you fuckin serious though? 90% of the people reading this blog won’t even know who you are playboy!), So LeBron, in turn says responding to that comment would be like “Jay-Z responding to Soulja Boy” lolllll. Well HOV is takin up for his boy and made a DISS track at D.Stevenson(check that HERE). All I’m sayin is lebron is a problem. Now the Wizards are down 3-1 and gettin ready to get wrapped up and out the playoffs… my advICE to DeShawn: Stay in your lane or you may swerve and hit somebody. Hov is about to make your squad the NBA laughing stock.. Damn
  3. If I get ONE MORE TEXT about wearing Black tomorrow for Sean Bell… geez!! I mean, I feel yall about mobilization, but true change won’t occur from wearing all black. it will come from educating our youths, protesting, making sure these so-called government leaders HEAR your concerns and know your vote for THEM is a direct correlation to their responsibility to OUR communities. The verdict sucks, can’t say I was too surprised though…
  4. I saw premium gas in NY at $4.05…. I was almost traumatized in Cali when Regular was $3.99. Can ANYTHING be done about this?? Damnnnn
  5. Google talk(known on the Streetz as Gchat) has officially become the weapon of choice for all professionals looking to skate on their duties at work! lol… I swear whether its fantasy sports, email, or chat, we will find a way to NOT work at work… i need that too, hahahaha! It’s definitely a good look in general. AIM is still #1 for me though

OK It’s check-out time. Thank you for checking the kick-off of my blog. Leave comments and love/hate mail accordingly! Until next time. Peace!


  1. KMP (Keep Me Posted) says:

    Horray for GTA IV!!I can't wait.I'm glad to see you blogging, loving the rants, I'm putting you on my blog roll. Looking forward to reading more exciting rants on your blog.Laters,KMP

  2. eclecticlady says:

    Hey, This was posted on my birthday. And yes, I too love ranting. I thinks it's a big family/haitian thing :)

  3. LOLOLOL not mad @ that!

  4. eclecticlady says:

    Hey, This was posted on my birthday. And yes, I too love ranting. I thinks it’s a big family/haitian thing :)

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